I made important choices in life, some of them seemed incredible to me, others criticizable, some simple and obvious, while others were more demanding, so much so that they needed dedication, love and passion.

My wines are born with my first daughter, Giulia. With his birth I felt the need to revolutionize my comfortable life and to return to the dimension of when I was a child, made of semplicity ed authenticity… A love that comes from heaven and the light of my land. I cultivate 80 hectares of vineyards, from traditional varieties, on the Gargano, in the north of Puglia, on a calcareous soil of white stone, of origin Kimmeridgiana, enlighted by an unique light, which uniquely characterizes the sharp and salty expression of my wines. I vinify all the grapes according to the natural method, enhancing the Mediterranean vocation of the climate, combined with the millennial history of my places.   

I create my wine for move me and excite