“Wine is the mirror of the vineyard”

- Old farmers told me -

I decided to focus on biodynamic agriculture, for a territory wine, true and spontaneous. A natural evolution of tradition, an authentic expression of the territory, a guarantee of my work and strict respect for the vineyard.

For this use only compounds that support the life of soil micro-organisms, with a harvest that is carried out strictly by hand and a natural vinification, free of filtration or clarification.

A choice that allows me to raise the vineyard with transparency and passion, in full freedom of expression.

As a winemaker I also feel the duty to contribute to the preservation of biodiversity and to the recovery of the ancient traditional crops of the territory, which is why I have undertaken to bring back to light the native vines of Nero di Troia and Bombino, cultivated with Alberello.

I deeply love my land, my vineyards.

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