… Between ground and sky

Athentic and without any tricks, my wines are surrounded by a stone stratification and the astral constellations’ energy. This sense of verticality is perfectly resumed in the biodynamic holistic vision: the mother of my wines. Terroir wines, born from a spontaneous fermentation of grapes rigorously manually harvested. Wines witness of the Gargano biodiversity, sons of the mineral and fertile soil in which the vines push their deep roots for a dynamic impulse towads the universe.

Grapes ripen through lines planted into the stones which characterize their terroir and benefit from the sea breeze coming from the Adriatic Sea that cool down the temperature of summer nights.

The idea I have about wine is perfectly reproduced  in my wines’ lables on which I draw my way to communicate wine.

“Wines are sons of whom produced and thought about them”

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