“Wine is the vineyard’s result”

- this is what old farmers used to tell me -

I decided to point at a biodynamic agriculture to obtain a terroir wine, real and authentic. A natural evolution of tradition as well as authentic expression of the area; a guarantee of my work in the vineyard and the Reinassance des Appellations disciplinary, the Association I identify with since 2015.

For all these reasons, I only use biodynamic preparations able to support the microorganisms life in the soil; harvesting is manually made and vinification is completely natural, without any filtration neither clarifications.

This is a choice which allows me to train my vines free, with full transparency and passion.

Furthermore, as a vine-grower, I feel the duty to contribute to biodiversity and local ancient cultivations’ safeguard: this is the reason why I worked hard to give value again to two indigenous vine varieties as Nero di Troia and Bombino, both bush trained.