I chose to live as I ever longed for.

I made choices to live as I ever longed for. I made important choices in my life; some of them seemed incredible, others criticizable, many others appeared so demanding that dedication, love and passion have been essential.

These choices connected me to the lands at the Gargano’s bases, holding me in Apricena, where I believed the future of me and my daughters was. When I start smelling the air of this place, I understand how much my previous studies of Law at Luiss in Rome appear far away. Even farer is the memory of the Master I attended in London to contribute to my family industries’ fortune, unconsciously moving my steps towards an already defined path too much “conventional” for my nature. At that time I understood it wasn’t what I really wanted. I felt the physiological need to live closer to nature and to that spontaneity inspiring peasant-life: the  same life my wonderful grandma Giulia used to lived when I was a child.

My sensitivity was contained and my personality tightened by too rigid schemas.

My daughter Giulia took me back in time. Since I was holding her in my arms I wished to bring her the same emotions I felt when I used to spend my days in the countryside. So I started to make wine, creating an organic oasis around it: a place where working and living are priceless values. With my second daughter’s birth, Agnese, I could confirm how right were those choices I made. I wanted therefore to accelerate that evolutionary process that considers the environment as a protagonist and that I have always had in my mind. Therefore, I decided to live in close contact with the land and my vineyards by building my house in the middle of them and using a bioclimate system architecturally compatible with everything surrounding me. Now I can definitively perceive the flow of the seasons, ‘feeding’ myself  on that wonderful landscape I helped to draw.

And this is the place I’d like you to visit to have proof of the land where I grow my family and where I give value to my choices.

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