“An embrace that protects”

Each time I look upwards I see it: majestic, impressing and severe. It seems watching me as I watch it. Every day, the Montagna del Sole is a positive presence next to me, able to help me deciding the possible direction to take and imposing the exact time in which to act.

This promontory that dives in the Adriatic is a magic place. An ancestral place around which I move and live, immersed in a natural architecture designed by divine hands. I get lost into the boundless horizons which flow, from one side, to the Tavoliere delle Puglia and, on the other side, untill the Abruzzo, the region I am inextricably connected to.

Gargano, placed very close to my vineyards, safeguards its precious and unique biodiversity, to which my terroir wines are strictly connected. The indigenous yeasts proper of the grapes activate the spontaneous fermentation, developing extrimely various territorial aromas.

It is not a coincidence that I’m here, now: as it is not that I have decided to go back to the land, making wine on these hard, uncontaminated and sacred stones. Those stones I bet on, perceiving the pefect terroir for my wines.