We are in Apricena – full Gargano National Park – the first mining center in the south, where limestone is the distinctive element of the territory. Thanks to the close relationship with my land, I adopted an organic agronomic approach from the beginning and, following a long period of observation and study, I gained a deep knowledge of the terroir. After several years of production, I felt the need to isolate inside my vineyards some plots characterized by exclusively Kimmeridian calcareous soil. Thus the Calcarius Project was born: terroir mineral wines, tense and uncompromising. Indigenous varieties are bred on the farm which are the result of a historical-cultural contamination that has its roots in Magna Graecia: Nero di Troia, Bombino, Greco, Falanghina, Negroamaro and Aleatico above all. The approach in a wisely non-interventionist winery does the rest. The one indicated on all the labels are the atomic number (20) and the atomic weight (40.08) of the chemical element of calcium (Ca).

“Mineralize the grapes”

Calcarius “Nù Litr”

Calcarius Hellen

Calcarius Gemme